Apple iPhone 3.0 – Nothing but a tease.

I went to bed monday night thinking that I was going to wake up and be able to download the new iPhone OS.

Fail Stamp.

Instead, I was treated to a PREVIEW of 3.0 and was told that I would have to wait until the summer to get it. However, I am going to take this opportunity to rave about some of the rumors.

First and foremost, COPY and effing PASTE, pretty much the only real thing that the Blackberry had on iPhone, now just a thing of the past (err, future, until summer)

Next, Spotlight Searching. Now I can finally type Mraz instead of having to scroll all the way down when I’m feeling like my easy morning music. This will also search the calendar and apps.

Picture messaging!!! No more dumb emails. I can send and receive the actual picture…so clutch.

Subscription apps. Now, I can cancel my ESPN the magazine subscription and just have them downloaded to my phone, I have no reason to doubt that every major newspaper will take advantage of this. Imagine that for a small fee, you could have the most recent news sent to your phone, or wake up and have the Times or Journal waiting for you at the touch of a button.

Shake to Shuffle. It’s just so fun.

This is such a great idea to give us all a NEW PHONE essentially and for free ($9.95 for Touch users)

My only real beef is that Flash is still not available, not sure why, Apple and Adobe have a close relationship. Other than that, I’m really happy, but also sad that I have to wait until summer to get it.


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