Tower Week – Day 1 “Group Exiting Procedures”

PT this morning was an easy 4 mile run. It wasn’t that bad, but for some reason I had a stitch in my side…I found that really deep breathing helps eliminate any pain.  After the run, we began the day’s training.

Back to the 34-foot tower. Today we learned how to exit from the plane as a group. This is important because a plane can’t stick around in one spot dropping soldiers so they have to drop as many as possible in one pass.

There are two ways an Airborne soldier can jump from a plane. “Hollywood” and “Combat-ready”.

In a Hollywood jump, it is just the jumper and their chute. No gear, no weapon, just the chute.  Now, in a Combat jump, you have to be ready for battle as soon as you hit the ground; so, you have to have your weapon by your side, and your ruck sack on hand filled with all mission essential items.  Today, we only jumped four people at a time, and it looked a lot like this:

The combat pack weighed about 50 lbs, and according to Sgt. Airborne, the one I will be wearing on a standard mission will be closer to 100lbs, plus 45 lbs for the chute…it adds up quick. Not to mention I’m around 200lbs in full battle-rattle so I’m looking at close to 350 lbs falling from the sky at about 18 fps…I’m going to fall like a lawn dart.

This past weekend, I was able to take in the Infantry Museum here on Ft. Benning, I was really impressed and recommend that all Army enthusiasts make it down to see. Here are some pictures from the trip:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow we will do more of the same, but hopefully I’ll have something exciting to talk to all of you about.

until then:



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