Off to the real Army

After two weeks of Hometown Recruiting, I am off to Ft. Bragg to join my unit: the 82nd Airborne Division.

This time has been unreal as I have been able to work with very squared-away NCOs and learn much in not a lot of time. The most valuable lessons learned were those taught to me by Staff Sgt. Feiereisen, he helped me understand the role of the paratrooper in today’s war and also gave me valuable tips in becoming an NCO. As a thank you, he gave me two Iraqi war campaign medals that he got from the Iraqi War College.

One of the more significant moments of this trip was witnessing Sgt. Todd Lopata be awarded his promotion to Staff Sgt. Afterward he handed me his E5 rank and asked me to hold it for the day my promotion came. This is a big honor for me as I have high aspirations for myself in the Army.

I enjoyed talking to future soldiers and learning about their goals and answering questions about concerns they had joining.  Simply put, the Army has given me everything I’ve asked for and in return has only asked for my time and a little motivation…sometimes, that seemed like too much.

This week was also a week in which I was able to reconnect with old friends, cut ties with those whose journey alongside of me had come to an end and begin new friendships with people I will not easily forget.

Moving to North Carolina is a scary venture, mainly because I will once again have stability but in a new place with a lot of new faces. But as per the namesake of this blog “Where there’s a Will…”, I know there will be a way.

Even as I compose this at 30,000 feet-

I can’t help but wonder what the coming week will have in store for me. I want to do the right thing and get myself over, but first I must remember to get over myself. I am joining an elite team of Airborne troopers and it is my turn to be the support that they need in order to accomplish our daily missions.

I will update as frequently as possible but until then:

Should read: "Airborne for Life"



One thought on “Off to the real Army

  1. Not sure if this is the best place to leave this note, but thanks for the comments on my blog. More important, however, thanks for your service to our country. I haven’t had enough time to get too deep into it, but best of luck to you and God bless all the same.

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