You have to Jump before you can Fly

Today was long…like absurdly long. We woke up at 0310 and was ready to roll in formation at 0350. We began so early because there was a win or go home PT Test. If you didn’t pass you were going home. Instead of a normal test where you receive a score based on the number of repetitions, you simply received a GO or a NO GO. So, at 42 pushups, you were finished…at 53 situps, you were finished.  The run was simple enough, if you finished under 15:52 – you win…if you don’t, good bye. I ran a 13:52 which is about what I ran last time…we’ll see if the intense PT that we’ll be doing here cuts that down to 13 flat (the time you need to score a perfect 100).  So needless to say, I pass the test. Unfortunately, there were quite a few that did not.  By the time we were back from the run, they had already packed their bags for home.

No wings for these soldiers.

If it looks early in this picture, it’s because it is…this was taken around 0700. Before most of you were even awake, I had already put in 3 hours of work.

You would think that after that, we would take it easy for the day…ha.

We double-timed (that’s run for all you civilians) to the training site where we learned how to put on the T-10 and T-11 Parachutes. After we had them on, we walked to a mock C-130 and practiced hooking our Static Line (a strap that is connected to the plane and your parachute so that when you jump out it pulls your chute out) to a cable that runs along the roof of the plane and we shuffled down the plane to the jump door.

Step, Kick, Chin to chest, Begin counting, Land in the rocks with feet and knees together.

We spent the entire day doing jumps from this mock door. We did about 12 jumps today, and I felt very comfortable with the process, Sgt. Airborne even told me “Good Job” on multiple occasions.

After jumps, we were given a brief on PLF’s (Parachute Landing Falls). They’re called “falls” because that’s what you do…you hit your feet first then basically curve your body so you hit your calves, thighs, butt and finally back.  We get to do that all day tomorrow…I’ll be sore for sure.

Tonight I went with my Battle Buddy, Brittian to the rec center across the street…it’s a really nice place to relax after a long day.

Airborne Afterhours Club

That’s all for today. Tomorrow I’ll include a video of the training. Can’t wait to tell you all about it…0530 comes early, good night.



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