Airborne Engineers: We Lead The Way

I decided I’m going to chronical my Airborne training. some of you will be happy my blog is back, others could care less.

As it stands, I’m on a bus. 21 hours ago, I had no knowledge of this bus. That’s the Army. it is 1300 on 24 March 2010. I don’t know how long the ride will take but the Driver said “don’t worry, we’ll stop for breakfast”. Updates to come.

26 March update

We got to Benning just in time for the sun to rise. This is the first thing I saw off the bus.

The first thing I saw getting off the bus at sunrise.

Today we stood in formation and waited to get everything taken care of. We filled out processing paperwork, got our room assignments and gear and learned out positions. I’m in the 507th PIR, Charlie Company, 1st Platoon, 3rd Stick. My roster number is 234. Today was far more relaxed than I had anticipated. No “shark-attack”, no real yelling, nothing. It’s good to not be treated like a private, but a soldier.

28 March update

The weekend was filled with nothing but relaxing. Saturday my battle Brittian and I explored the city of Columbus, GA and did some shopping. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and a guy asked to borrow my phone charger. We get to talking and come to find out he’s an E7 Sgt. First Class. And he achieved that rank in 5 1/2 years. Not going to lie, it gives me a lot of motivation.

Today we had an accountability formation where we were briefed on the PT Test tomorrow:

Basically, no matter your age, you have to pass by the 18-21 yr old standard. 42 pushups, 53 situps and run a 15:53 2-mile run.  Not going to lie, I’m a little nervous. There are 540 students, and 500 slots. There will be no mercy.  I really have to bring my A-game.  The test is scheduled to begin at 0400. I’ll update with my results and the rest of tomorrow’s training.



3 thoughts on “Airborne Engineers: We Lead The Way

  1. I’m proud of you for doing all of this. Can’t wait to see more updates as it goes along. Bring it tomorrow!!

  2. Hey William just wanted to say Hi. and i sent all the info to Grant he gets to be home soon. spoke to him today, he flys out of Iraq on the 25th of April. Yay! cant wait to see my soldier.
    Aunti Robyne and Kandice will be here for easter sunday. Cant wait!
    Have a Wonderful rest of the day and Do your Very Best tomorrow.
    I have faith in you ! Keep us updated! Love Auntie Rene’e

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