The Eve of Jump Week

Tomorrow, some of you are going to exit the door at 1250 feet, and you’re going to see Jesus. Then, when that canopy opens, you will experience complete exaltation. – Sergeant Airborne

After accountability of soldiers (two were missing, likely to be dropped from the class), these words were spoken by Sgt. Airborne. I’m sure it’s a joke that gets passed around from company to company, but it’s kind of funny, nonetheless.

Tomorrow we are to be in formation at 3:40 to take accountability and move out to the Airfield. From there we are scheduled seven hours of pre-jump briefing and training. We will don the harnesses and exit the mock doors before boarding the C-130 at 1100.

Two C-130's awaiting at the Airfield.

I can’t wait, but now I am nervous about the lack of sleep I’ll have. Maybe I need to stop complaining and just show up and do my job.   Tomorrow’s pre-training is scheduled for about 7 hours and includes another trip through the mock door as well as what to do once you land.

Tomorrow we will be jumping Hollywood, meaning that it will be us and our chute. Nothing else.  I think the toughest part will be the landing. I honestly think that the flight in he chute should be easy, but maybe not with all the driving around necessary for one. A malfunction is rare, but we are taught how to recact them.

(I’m struggling and it’s only 0025, I’m going to be sucking tomorrow)

Here’s a video of what the jump will likely look like tomorrow:

I can’t wait, but first I have to make though tonight….good night and until tomorrow



One thought on “The Eve of Jump Week

  1. Can you steal me a parachute? Lol.

    How long are you going to be in the air on the jump? 700 feet doesn’t seem that high, but then again I’m not going to be in the plane.

    Good luck.

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