The night has come. Enlisted premiered on Fox and I must say, I am not disappointed. Some people are going to watch this and turn it off (looking at you SGMs). But, once you got past the blatant uniform violations and TERRIBLE haircuts, there was a ton of potential in this. This is like a Major Payne – All grown up. No one had a problem with that movie because it was JROTC and this the “real” Army. Just for sake of it all, here’s a list in chronological order:

Yellow eyepro.  Unsnapped ACH
Kudos on the earpro while mowing.
Sleeves up, ACU top unzipped.
No eyepro on the range?
Ranger tab should be on the pocket flap, not below.
Weird edit when Perez looks back at Hill.
Did SGT Hill’s badges change order from one scene to another?
Zero hats in his formation.
Haircuts all around.
Side-straddle hop is no longer allowed in Army PRT.
Collar flipped up?
“Side-straddle hops” not “jumping jacks”
The red BFAs are for M16s. BFAs for M4s are yellow.
You still need blanks to make the MILES gear work.
Put a Patrol Cap on!


Overall, I loved the show. It was a little ridiculous and totally not anything the military would approve from an internal source. It was funny and had MUCH more heart than I thought it would. Keep it up, FOX! I’ll be watching again.


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