Convalescent Leave is AWESOME

Since my last post I haven’t done much of anything. Literally.

I have been enjoying the convalescent leave from my LASIK surgery. Yesterday, I read the Mark Owen book, “No Easy Day.” It turned out to be a really well-written account of Operation Neptune Spear (aka the Osama Bin-Laden Raid). I was impressed. A part of me wishes it was a team of Delta as opposed to SEALS. Just kind of want it to be the Army, and not the Navy being the heroes.

Of course, I’m not at all trying to say I don’t appreciate the work of DEVGRU. As a soldier, I have nothing but respect for those of my brothers who are capable enough to give more for their country. Especially on this day, I’m grateful for everyone who has sacrificed for our security. Whether it be civil service men and women to the guys I work with and all of their families.

Today I was lucky enough to be on the flight line as my cousin SGT Grant Scoggins, also of the 82nd Airborne Division, walked off the plane from his deployment to Afghanistan. He seemed unfazed, but I’m still happy to have him back. We aren’t even that close, but it puts my mind at ease just to know he’s home.

I guess I’m ready to be back to work, but I’m kind of in a float status until I leave for school in a few weeks. We’ll see what I can come up with Thursday when I go back, but for now, what to do tomorrow?


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