Importance of Vision

Ask any NFL scout. The first thing they’ll tell you they want from a quarterback is “vision”. They ability to not only see what the defense is doing, what they’re sending, or what read to make, but also, to see where his receivers are and where they will be.  Russell Wilson is the best example of this. Even though he isn’t the ideal height (standing “tall” at 5’11), he will be taking the snaps for the Seattle Seahawks this weekend.

Perhaps I underestimated vision as well. Before I deployed, I ever expected that I would need to rely on my vision the most as I became part of a route-clearance package moving up and down one of Iraq’s busiest stretches of highway. Now I have a new appreciation for vision as I begin healing from LASIK surgery I had done yesterday.

After 24 hours, my vision was corrected from 20/40 in my left eye to 20/15, and from 20/400 in my right to 20/25. Not bad, right? They say my right eye could still get better as it heals. Hopefully this gets better as it heals, too: Image

I’ll see you all around…literally.


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