This is one of the best weekends of the year. College football is back. And, while I may be deep-buried in ACC country, I’m making the best of it. As I type, I’m watching the NC State/Tennessee game. I could be a State fan. I feel like they’re a little under-appreciated and over-achieving. Not unlike my team, Oklahoma State. And if you listen closely, they NCSU Fight Song is also The Army Song.

The more and more I watch football and ponder a career in sports journalism, I realize that I may not have enough to say to keep people interested like the guys who’re getting three hours a day to breathe into a microphone on ESPN Radio. It’s still a great thought though, that I could be the voice or face of a program.  Hopefully, after I finish Broadcast Journalism school, I’ll be much better-suited to consider that career.

This weekend’s football slate is a pretty interesting one. Our new friends at 99.9 The Fan have hooked me up  with a pair of seats to Georgia Tech (+7.5) @ Virginia Tech. Definitely not the game I thought I’d see myself at (ever) but, since the tickets are in-hand, might as well make the trip.

It’s about 4-5 hours to Blacksburg, VA and I’ll be leaving as soon as Sam gets off work on Monday. That’s right, she’s working on the holiday. Apparently, sick people in the hospital need care, even on Labor Day. The tentative schedule is as such: Leave Fayetteville around 3pm, get to VT by kickoff, leave the game around midnight, drive straight to work and nap before starting my day. Sam shouldn’t be too bad, as she’ll be able to sleep on the drive back. I can’t say she’ll be so lucky the next day at work. It will be the ultimate test of our resolve and love for college football. Even when it’s not our team.

I’m sad to say that OSU won’t be on TV this week. I’m tempted to get the College Goal line Package with TimeWarner, but I don’t think I’ll be able to watch enough to justify it before I leave for MD in Oct. Expect a full report from the game, hopefully with plenty of pictures. Until then, I’ll be firmly planted in front of ESPN/2/U/Fox/NBC/ABC/CBS.


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