Persistance is Key

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my almost three years in the Army, it’s that you can’t ever give up.

When I joined the Army, I never had any intentions of ever climbing a rope. And yet, now, climbing is one of my favorite exercises. In a more recent example, the letter ‘e’ on my keyboard didn’t want to work this morning, so the early instances of its use in this blog took me pressing the button about 5-10 times.

This past week I saw many examples of persistance paying off. One of my best friends, Jacob Bittian graduated the Army Sapper Leader Course only to come home and learn that his wife, Morgan, is expecting their first child. I’m incredulously happy for the two of them, because starting a family has been on their mind for quite some time. The sermon at church even brought persistance to the forefront as we learned about Ishmail and Isaac, the sons of Abraham. 

Each of these make me reflect about my own life, and the paths that I see in front of me and the directions they lead. I’ll be leaving for Maryland in exactly five weeks for training at the DINFOS School as I reclass into Broadcast Journalism. I have perfect faith in my abilities to succeed in this new venture, but I can’t help but think about the things I am giving up to undertake this journey. I can barely stand the thought of being seperated from my wife and best friend, but she has been very understanding and supportive throughout this entire process. As for my other family, the Beast, I would be remiss to not mention them and the memories we had. My first deployment to Iraq, the ever pending deployment to A-stan and everything in between. I can only hope my new unit provides half of the excitement and drama of this unit.

I’ll leave you now with a thought: No matter which direction in life we travel …wow that was sounding really corny… Live for you and the ones you care about most. Don’t concern yourself with what could be, but what is. And once you know you’re where you want to be, don’t doubt yourself. Ever.


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