Hometown Recruiting week one

Just one week removed from Jump School, I find myself home in Stillwater on Hometown Recruiting Assistance Program (HRAP). Basically, how it works is I come back to the station that put me in the Army and work with the NCO’s doing anything I can to help with the recruitment of new soldiers.

Soldiers are always going to be in need. It doesn’t matter that the Army is over strength. We need motivated, intelligent young people who are looking for a career or just a way out of Oklahoma to join and become the leaders of tomorrow.

So far, I have basically shadowed the recruiters. Works for me, because I just sit back and watch these professionals do their jobs. Every now and then I get to talk with future soldiers about my experiences and answer questions about how the Army is now. An E-5 or 6 can talk about Basic, but it’s been years since they’ve been, for me it’s only been weeks.

On average I work from 0900-1500 give or take every week day. I don’t mind it because waking up at 0800 is still sleeping in.  I get nights off and the opportunity to visit all of my friends before we go our separate ways. It could not have come at a better time, either. Oklahoma State University graduation is just around the corner and I won’t be the only one leaving Stillwater forever.

I know that this is all part of growing up, but I can’t help but miss the good times. This week really is the last time all of the people who have made such a huge impact on my life since I came to Stillwater will all be in the same place and I plan to live with no regrets and make memories of a lifetime here.



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