Learning to Fly: The 34-foot Tower

Another day at Airborne.  Interesting fact, the Army Airborne School is the only one of its kind in all of the US Armed Forces.  So other branches often send students; we have members of the Air Force, Marines, Navy and even the Romanian Army training at this school. It is interesting working with the other branches and I understand why there is so much branch animosity. The Air Force guys are obnoxious and undisciplined, but they are PT studs. They constantly smoke themselves throughout the day just to maintain the physical condition they have to be in because all of them are Combat Control (The USAF equivalent of Special Forces). The Navy guys are all pretty normal, and the Marine guys are ok, but they always seem mad at something. It’s an interesting mentality they have.

This morning we worked on PLFs (see yesterday’s post) and I finally did some that would at least not break anything when I land.  After lunch we took on a new endeavor:

The 34 Foot Tower

The 34-foot Tower is used to simulate exiting an aircraft.  In order to pass, you mus complete a minimum of 6 jumps with the final 4 in perfect form.

When looking down, this is about all you see:

Don't look down.

In order to get a go, you have to jump from the tower of your own will, keep your head down, feet and knees together, count as loud as you can to 6,000 or 4,000 (depending on what parachute system you are wearing), and then check your (non-existent) canopy and gain canopy control. It was a LOT of fun, tomorrow I will qualify again with the T-10 Delta Chute and then be on detail for the rest of the day. Here’s a video to check out what it looks like.

Morning PT is a 4.2 mile run at 9 minute/mile pace, until then…



3 thoughts on “Learning to Fly: The 34-foot Tower

  1. Thanks for the posts. We read them daily. You take care of yourself. We are very proud of you and miss you.

  2. Good for you Love to read all about it.. Grant calld wont be able to call again till two weeks! 😦 Auntie Robyne says Hi and so dose Kandice.. We all support you! God Bless You Your Auntie’s and all our kids.. Love Ya

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