PLF’s Suck…and sore has new meaning

The PLF, Parachute Landing Fall, is the only authorized means of landing for an Airborne soldier. That being said it makes sense why we would spend ALL of one day and most of the next on them. A proper landing can prevent injury and help a soldier continue their mission faster.

A textbook PLF looks like this:

However, as easy as that looks, it isn’t.

Today’s wake up was at 0500, we did some PT which felt more like an hour long smoke session, because afterward, our bodies felt smoked.

One thing to know about Airborne training, you RUN everywhere. There are too many people and too much training going on for anyone to take their time. Motivation is key and you have to stay dedicated to what you’re doing.

During the PLF training, we all (willingly) fell somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 times.  Speaking for myself, I’m dead tired.  I’m shocked that this is only day two and I CAN NOT wait for the three day weekend we have coming up.

Unfortunately, I have not mastered the PLF. I invite you to see for yourself what the PLF is all about.

Thanks for playing along. I will update tomorrow.



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