Any step forward is a step in the right direction.

I’m really happy I got to wake up at 4am this morning so I could go sit in a chair for roughly the next 10.

My MEPS trip today yeilded little results, but it allowed me to get over some hurdles that needed to get over. First of all, I had my security interview and was cleared to move on to the next phase.  This is important because for many jobs I will require clearance and the Army has instilled my faith in me to invest the money required to process an application.

I also did a typing test. Weird, I know, but for some programs that I am looking into I am required to be able to type a certain WPM. I aced it clocking in at 50 WPM with zero errors. I’ll take it.

Afterward, I learned that because of some trouble that I got into in the past, I was not qualified to have a job in Intelligence.  C’est la vie. So now I have to consider more options in the Army that will ultimately get me to my goal of PsyOps (37F).

Here’s my new plan:

The requirements for PsyOps is to be Jump School certified and to be DLAB (Defense Language Aptitude Battery) certified. I will then go into the PsyOp special training school.

Unfortunately, I can’t do this until I am an E4 (Specialist). Which will take me 18 to 24 months to obtain. So until then, I will be enlisting in an MOS that requires jumps school as part of its training. That way, when I drop a packet and apply for PsyOps, I will already have had the training and will be more likely to get a spot in the PsyOps training.

Because of how close PsyOps relates to a career in PR, my enlistment time is no longer an issue. I will stay in for as long as I am being challenged and feel rewarded in the work I am doing. PR will always be there for me when I’m done and the transistion to a civilian career will be easy.

Over the weekend, I will be looking at jobs that have Jump School as part of the training and could be signing up as soon as Monday.


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