Getting a little help from the village.

So I finally sat down and got into Visual CV. I played with the features and added some solid information. I thought I had a good product so I sent it out into the world.

Come to find out, all I had done was give the runaway kid one of those sticks with the red bandana.

How Perfect.

How Perfect.

As I sent it out into the world, I began to get a little worried. Until someone picked up my hitchhiking CV, sprayed it off and brought it home.

Karen Musullo sent me a tweet suggesting that I add a few more pictures to the page, and boy did I.

. Visual CV tweeted that I should find some pictures from working at Syracuse and add them. And I did.

Here‘s what became of it.

Karen also told me about a new website that I might be interested in sharing my skills with.  Not wanting to seem unappreciative, I sent the website an email. What I got was something that even impressed me.

Your sports background and and your writing are good assets that you bring for sure.
The twitter piece and knowledge of social media are helpful as well.

I have some house keeping to do but at some level I am sure we can work together.  I think this is a good opportunity for you in PR to be associated with a project of this size and I think you could help us find our way.

I couldn’t believe it, and the best thing was that the email was sent less than an hour after I initialized contact with him. How about that…a prospective opportunity to utilize my talents and it came from someone who randomly reached out to me and was just helping.

Now the question arises, how can I pay it forward? This was honestly a lesson in how much the professionals of today want to help the professionals of tomorrow. I feel lucky, but I know that luck is when preparation and opportunity meet, which is exactly what happened today.


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