Maybe a change of heart

I don’t want the newspapers to die.

I do however, want printed publications to die and they are. Not right this second, but soon. There are many reasons for printed publications to be here: old people, sudoku/crosswords, comics. But the fact remains that one by one, people are skipping the dollar for the paper and just getting the headlines on their phone, via Twitter, RSS or the old school email.  

Also, advertisers are taking their money to the websites making the cost of printing more of a burden on the companies.  This is one of the reasons for layoffs, decreased publications, and bankruptcy. 

Papers who circulate daily just can’t keep up with the lightning fast pace of the internet. 

But, someone still has to produce the content, so the writers are cool, they can stay.  I just can’t wait for the phasing out of the “paper”

For a little more on this you HAVE to check out


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