Your Baby Can…Reeeaad?

If you’ve ever seen Anchorman, that was my Ron Burgundy raising the voice to make a question impression.

This object seems pretty legit, do your best impression of British scientists in A Clockwork Orange while your baby plays the role of Alex (minus the rape, breaking and entering, assault and rampant drug use) and strap them in front of a television while they learn to read.

These videos combine audio and video to introduce words to children…recommended for children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years. Although, if your child has problems speaking and reading at 5, you may need to look into a more professional approach.

New mothers everywhere are rejoicing for a few minutes of quiet.

These videos are genius in their simplicity.  In an ideal world, parents should sit down with their children and read flash cards and begin the process of repetitive exposure to words, sounds, objects and ideas early and often.  But the reality is that people are lazy or, as many justify to themselves, too “busy”.  Why would they want to sit down for 2 hours a day and read flash cards when there is a DVD that will do it for them?  And the answer is why not, this program is expensive enough that the families who can afford it are probably the same kinds of families who don’t have dinner or will probably miss a good percentage of their kid’s little league soccer games. (props to me for finding a sport that could allow the sex of the child to remain nuetral)

We’re a lazy people.  And now, it would seem that we don’t even have to teach our kids how to speak.  If only there could be a baby Tony Robbins that could help these kids cope with the impending disappointments and get their lives on track earlier…

I digress.

Your Baby Can Read seems too good to be true, but when you think about it, I would venture to guess that these children in the infomercial have been exposed to the program for quite some time…parents are going to expect their little Tommy and Suzy to be reading Hunter S. by age 5 and frankly I would say that Cat in the Hat would be a little more reasonable.  In America, as lazy as we are, we are equally impatient…there will be plenty of disappointment in the time frame involved and will dissuade parents from continuing in the program once they think they aren’t getting the results they want.

But at the end of the day, these videos are repetitive and repetition is key with vocabulary and learning to read.  So while I disagree with a lot of things that will come from this program, it is SO tough to argue with the benefits, so I have no choice but to recommend this program but would like to offer this word of advice…

Family is all we have in this life…they come in many different sizes and shapes, but they are ours.  Be careful with how you treat your children, they are always watching you.  Spend time with them, have dinner and talk to them.  Don’t rely on a DVD to raise your kid.  Please?

This product has immense potential, and was definitely worth staying up until 4AM, which I did, to see it.


3 thoughts on “Your Baby Can…Reeeaad?

  1. I have actually stayed up and watched the infomercial. I really thought it was interesting that someone were to bring it up. I really thought I was nuts for staying up that late… lol I do agree that people should not depend on a DVD to raise their children. But, I do disagree with one part. As a follower of Christ family isn’t the only thing I have in this life and many times they let us down. Jesus has always been faithful. I would love to share more about that with you. 🙂 Have a blessed day.

  2. I see your point of view and thank you for reading and posting!

    I was just trying to keep religion out of it so I didn’t offend anyone.

    Thank you again SO much for posting

  3. I completely understand about not wanting to offend others. I wanted to share that with you. Religion is a huge thing that causes offense, but the things I believe are because of a relationship I have. He is a huge part of my life. I am sure this semester I will say things that offend people. Not intentionally, I only want to share these things because I want other to see Christ in me. I am not going to push my beliefs or opinions on people, because many times I am wrong. Pushy people often turn others away and that is not my goal. I just want to share love. That’s all. Hope you can check out my blog as well.

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