Shop Erotic…REALLY?!?!?

I can not believe what I’m seeing…

2AM. Oxygen Network.

“The following is a Paid Program and does not reflect the opinions of Oxygen or its employees.

Hello and welcome to Shop Erotic…”

The only way I can describe this is the Home Shopping Network, except with phallic-shaped objects that not only can move, but will vibrate and light up.  To be honest I’m not sure how far into this I want to get, for fear that I’m going to embarrass or insult someone (myself included) and I’m not sure if I want to get hit with all of the “You’re being immature” or “you just don’t get it because you’re a man”.  Maybe so, but I still think it’s unbelievable that we have this on tv…even at this hour.

Now, I understand that there is nothing wrong with the product, or whatever it may connotate, but I think it’s funny that the OH! Network is selling a time slot for these objects…(and here comes the immature remarks).

So, I guess, my question is: Do you think this is any different than the Girls Gone Wild ads, or would you compare it more to Bob and the Enzyte commercials if you were to compare this to something that a guy would watch?

The best part was the language that the two (female) hosts used.  Phrases like “this is so quiet and would be great if you had a roommate, they wouldn’t know anything was going on” or “this is perfect for people who want glass and vibrations”.

I never realized that there were so many different options and it was surprising that they filled an entire 30 minute time slot.  And of course, they were sure to mention that all orders would be shipped discretely and would be billed discretely on your card…how sweet.

I think that this is something that, for me, was more entertaining than anything…that said, I would give it a 3AM rating, 4AM for women in a group of 3 or more…I feel like they would enjoy it.

How does the rating system work?

My next post will either be on the Shamwow, or Your Baby Can Read!    Let me know which one in the comments.


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