Are you tired of blogs that leave you unfulfilled?

Welcome to As Seen On TV.

My name is Will and I’m going to attempt to bring to light the overwhelming mystery of the informercial.  From the free gifts to the upgrades to the easy payments to the full refunds of the purchase price…This blog is not available in stores and if you keep reading then you could be eligable to recieve a free gift.

As Seen On TV will attempt to look deeper into all of those 30 minute wonders that pollute our televisions at night.  It will do more than let you know what you’re missing while you are off in Dreamland, it will break down what is a good buy and what is just garbage.  I will do independant research and in some cases try the products and report back to you.

Think if Myth Busters took on Kitchen Knives and Acne medicine…

Insomniacs beware…there will be a ton of products in this blog that you will have seen over and over and over again, mainly because I will be watching the infomercials and blogging about them then and there.  Check my timestamps, these blogs will be written in peak hours for getting 4…no, 3 easy payments of 19.99.  Act now and we’ll double your order…that’s right, two posts a week.

Have an idea for a product you want me to try? Leave a comment and I’ll try to hunt it down.

Don’t settle for less, call now!


2 thoughts on “Are you tired of blogs that leave you unfulfilled?

  1. It’s practically been beaten to death in the blogosphere, but you’d be remiss to ignore the Snuggie.

    editor’s note: I would like to take a look at the snuggie…perhaps around a campfire and afterward we can serve “koolaid”

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